About 90% of the meals my family now eats are meatless.  This was achieved not through strict adherence to an overnight change in our eating regimen, but rather through the simple creation of genuinely great tasting recipes.

When my children were first born, I put a lot of time and effort into researching and experimenting with vegetarian recipes so I could offer my family both meat and meatless options in their diet.  Unfortunately, I found the vegetarian recipes always seemed a challenge as they usually produced insufficient quantities, took too long to make, were not budget-friendly or just had no appeal to my meat and potatoes upbringing. I put considerable effort into taking the meat out of traditional, pub-style dinner recipes (my favourite comfort food) while ensuring that flavour and texture were not compromised.  This took a LOT of trial and error to ensure these meals were truly delicious and were asked for again and again.   I also found that pairing them with complementary sides made a HUGE difference in the *satisfaction* factor.

The majority of the recipes here are meatless, however canned clams, tuna etc. remain on our menu for now so I’ve included my best recipes for those also.  I suppose you would describe this site as catering mostly to the pesco-vegetarian diet.  While I applaud those who have chosen a full vegetarian or vegan lifestyle,  I personally prefer to approach the journey towards a meat-free diet as something to be taken over time and always allowing for choice.  

Feel free to contact me with your feedback or questions at info@meatlessmainmenus.com.






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